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JoshFTP Logo JoshFTP
A reliable command-line FTP client for MS-DOS.
If Napolean had access to this software instead of the standard Novell version, the history of the world might be very different.
  TeePipe Icon TeePipe internet splitter
Software to combine your DSL and Cable Modem connections into a single virtual super-fast and super-reliable internet connection.
Sm2Gmail SmarterMail to Gmail conversion Tool
Helps automate the process of moving your users from SmarterMail to Gmail.
  Solar in a Box Solar Power in a Box concept
A proposed design for a solar power system you can buy at Wal-Mart, bring home, and plug in.
OrsonEye Logo OrsonEye - Watch Yourself
What if your superpower was that you could see anything, anywhere?
What if you could also go back in time and see what happened in the past?
Now you can, and you don't even need to know how to open a port on your firewall!
A proposal for a formal, structured language for drafting legal contracts and legislation.
Box Box with more kbytes BASH Box- Online BASH Shell Script Self Extracting File Generator Tool
The name says it all. If you need to move a bunch of binary files to a Linux system that does not have FTP, UUENCODE, or anything like that then this tool will create a self-extracting BASH script that will create your file(s) on the target. How could anyone live without such a thing?
A free, reliable, secure, peer-to-peer based backup solution that leverages today's big hard drives to give people a no-brainer disaster recovery solution.
ScanPst meets command prompt CScanPst - Automatically run SCANPST from a batch file
Tried of all the clicking and waiting every time you need to scan your outlook PST files? Now you can run the ScanPST tool automatically and even from a batch file! Think of the man-seconds that will be saved...
The World's first $2.99 home awareness and automation system!
TSMADump TSMADump - A command line utility for SmarterMail admins
Tired of new fangled web interfaces slowing you down? Sometimes a batch file is the fastest and easiest way to get the job done, and now you can use batch files to administer your SmarterMail server.
  Solid State Windmill thumbnail Solid State Windmill Concept
Wind generators are great, except they have giant, heavy, expensive moving rotors. Imagine a windmill that has NO moving parts (well, except for the electrons). Who cares how inefficient a windmill is if it costs less than a chicken wire fence to put up?
MSDOS CLOCK SNTPC - A Simple Network Time Protocol (NTP) Client for DOS
If you need a command-line utility to automatically sync your DOS machine to the government's atomic clocks, this is for you.
        Old Stuff
InchCalc Thumbnail InchCalc for Excel
InchCalc is an Add-in for Microsoft Excel that makes it possible to do calculations in feet and inches. It is handy for architects, builders, and carpenters.
  How to add a host header alias to an IIS 6.0 web server from a batch file
Microsoft does supply tools to perform many IIS takes from the command line or from a batch file. Unfortunately their program for adding a host alias is so flawed that it unusable. Here is an version that I wrote that actually works. If you set up a lot of websites on your IIS server, this can save you a huge amount of time over doing it by hand.
Slahsdot and Outlook logo montage Slashdot for Outlook Fix
Fix Outlook so you can finally read your daily Slashdot as god intended.
  SmarterMail NON SMTP AUTH finder
A tool for SmarterMail admins that can find non-authorized senders and help reduce spam.
TINY Remote Control - الآن باللغة العربية!
If you need to remotely control a true (no Windows) MS-DOS machine over a TCP/IP network from a Windows or Linux machine, I think this is the only game in town. You'd be surprised how many people still want to do this. New version supports VGA graphics modes and Aribic text!
  Solar Panel Solar Cell Comparison
What is the cheapest and/or most space efficient panel you can find and buy on the internet? Surprisingly, you can get both in the same panel!
A free tool to export the encripted data off of a PayTrust archive CD.
If you use PayTrust to manage your bills, you will want to use this free tool to decrypt and export all your data off your PayTrust CD onto your local hard drive.
A tool that searches for emails from people you know that mistakenly ended up in your Junk or Deleted Outlook email folders.
Some old letters that the SEC should have read
A long time ago the SEC asked people to comment on the emerging issues surrounding Short Sales and sub-penny decimal pricing. Recently they issued some rules on these topics; unfortunately, these rules are pretty close to the opposite of correct. Maybe if they had read and/or understood these letters, they would have acted differently.


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