Is for sale? is not for sale, but I would transfer to someone who made a $1 million US donation to my favorite charity as proof that they want more than me. The donation would be completely in your name and you would get the full tax deduction.

Additionally, the person who wants would have to agree to...

  1. Continue to provide email service to the 100 or so people (mostly joshes) I've given email addresses over the years. None of these addresses are valuable and I can give you a list of them if you want to be sure. You get the golden "josh" address (and its associated 2,500 spams per day).
  2. Maintain the 10 or so NS record pointers for subdomains I've set up over the years. Again, none of these are particularly valuable and I can provide a list if you are interested.
  3. Forward any emails sent from long lost friends that are obviously meant for me. I'd imagine this will be less than a dozen emails in the first year and quickly taper off over then next year or two. You should also continue to forward any emails that come in that are obviously meant for josh at to him.


Here is the charity...

They take care of orphans in India. I know the girl who started it (using a good part of her savings and donations offered by her co-workers and friends) and they do amazing work. A $1 million donation would allow them to build a new building (with plumbing) and triple the number of girls they could take in.

Besides knowing the people involved and believing that the work they do is important, I am also particularly attracted to this charity because (1) they spend NO money on fund raising at all, and (2) the people who founded it work really hard and do not get paid (in fact, they spend lots of their own money).  Every penny given goes directly to the people who need it.  I regularly give my own money substantially and always wish I could give more. The charitiity is IRS 501(c)3 listed.

If you are really serious about this and are willing to take a trip to Mumbai, I will set you up with a full VIP tour given by the founders so you can have 100% confidence that your money would be well used. You may end up wanting to give $2 million!

If you are still seriously interested, please contact me at the email address shown at the bottom of the homepage.