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The Watcher FAQ
The most commonly asked qustions and answers about Watcher.

Watcher is a text based front end used by serious traders to quickly enter orders and get quotes. The target user for Watcher does dozens if not hundreds of trades per day. Watcher is not easy to learn, instead it is optimized for traders who are able invest a large amount of time learning it's features.

Watcher is not a good choice for the vast majority of invesors. Most people are best served by any one of the many fine Web based brokers on the Internet. The web based brokers usually offer a very easy to use interface and provide reasonably good executions.

If you found this page becuase you are contemplating becoming a so called "Day Trader", you may want to read the Watcher FAQ anyway.

Download remote software...
Click to download PACK.EXE, a self-extracting file that contains all the software you need to connect and run a Remote Watcher. To use the program you must know a host phone number and password. Don't bother downloading this file if you don't have a phone number and password. Chances are you wont be able to guess both correctly.

P.S. This software will do you no good without an account at a brokerage firm that uses my host software. If you stumbled on this web page without guidance and think you would be interested in trading stocks using the Watcher program, try following some of the links below or doing a web search for more info.

Some Other SOES Links

Datek's Internet Trading System
Here it is, Pete's internet system. Free real time quotes, no strings attached. Unlike most other online brokers, Pete goes out of his way to get the best damn executions for his customers. That means sending orders to SOES or Island when possible so that you can interact directly with the market rather than having your order sit on some fat trader's desk. And all this can be yours if the price is right, $9.99 per trade. Pete's the cutting edge one. Oh yea, and since it's connected to Island, your limit orders actually have the power to move the market! Girls, don't get any ideas, Pete's married.
Broadway Consulting
These guys have lots of Watchers and a  nice Web Site. They have written a book on day trading with the Watcher. They also have a Watcher demo set up. A place to go if you think you may want a Watcher of your own.
Alltech Home Page
All-Tech is one of the most famous SOES active firms. They now offer thier customers access to Island. I have heard that they do offer remote access capabilities.
Momentum Securities
They are located in Houston, Texas. They are very nice and very smart. Their receptionist is named Katherine too, and she is very lovely, but I am partial to our Katherine. I have to give them credit, they beat me to SOES.COM. They also link to Island.
P.S. I don't know most of these people personaly. They may be nice, they may be not nice. I put them here only to save you the trouble of finding them yourself.