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We were friends in high school
So I met this girl at the Village Inn on Thursday night and she was pretty hot and we really got along ok so she ended up coming home with me and she was going though some rough stuff with her mom (like cancer stuff) and she asked if she could borrow my car to go see her for the weekend so I felt bad and I didn't really need the car this weekend so I said OK but now I just got a call from the sherifs office in Eastgate Nevada and I wont bother you with all the details but I got to go out there and get my car back so I need like 250 bucks for a bus ticket and to pay the fines and get a little gas to make it back home but I've got a new gig so I knw I'll be able to pay you back friday next week at the latest when that comes though as long as I can get my car back. And can you send it western union cause things got fucked up with my bank so I cant do paypal for a while. Thanks, man.