The Out Of Pocket Experience


Lots of reviews tell you how great the latest phones are at watching movies or playing Angry Birds, but what about doing things like making a phone call or sending a text or adding a new appointment?


Here is what it takes on each platform...


Android and iPhone Gripes

Why can't you turn of the swipe? Just pushing the power button is enough safety for me.

Why can't the phones just automatically lock when they are in your pocket and unlock when you pull them out? There is already a sensor in there to detect when your face is pressed against the screen, why not your leg too?

Why can't you copy text from the notes in an event? I often put an address in there and then want to copy it and paste it into Google. Also nice for texting some details about an appointment to someone.

Why doesn't the search find text inside the notes for a contact? I love being able to find someone by typing their husband's name or some other random fact about them that I had put into the notes field.

How do I scroll down a page at a time? How about to the bottom? Who knows where you'll end up when you flick.

Why do soft keyboards still suck so much? By now, they should keep track of every mistake I make and then adjust where they look for my fingers based on the letter positions I hit before the current press. If every time I type an "A" followed by a "Q" I go back and correct the "Q" to a "W", then lean that when I press an "A" followed by a top row key on the left, that press is probably a bit to the left of where it would be if I had instead typed a "F" or a "G".

Windows Phone 7.5 Gripes

A phone made by Microsoft should be able to sync to Outlook. This is just silly.

There is no way to copy or backup your SMS messages. If you loose you phone you loose your texts and there is nothing you can do about. This is crazy. The phone forces you to have a account, it should automatically sync all your texts and phone logs there and give you want to view, search, and export them.


There are lots of great features on the Android and iPhones, but I miss my Blackberry for the things I do the most every day.

 I feel like it takes way to long to add an appointment on Android and iPhone. I also miss being able to call 26 people by pressing a single speed key, and almost anyone else by just typing the first couple of letters of their name. You'd think a company that makes billions of dollars per year on search would have a great universal search feature on their phones, but nothing is as good as Blackberry's.


Q: Why didn't you just do X to call her?!?
A: If there is a better way to do these things, please let me know in the comments!